Feeding The Chickadees at Kensington Metropark

I had the great pleasure to spend last Saturday at Kensington Metropark with friends, to feed and photograph the birds. The Black-capped Chickadee has got to be one of the cutest birds to photograph. They are an amiable bird, with a cheerful disposition and don’t seem to bother anybody, except maybe another Chickadee.

In this photograph, I watched as this Chickadee grabbed a large peanut half and flew to a distant spot to enjoy the treat. I usually see Chickadees grabbing much smaller seeds such as black oiler sunflower seed or a safflower seed. With peanut halves available, and their superior nutritional value, this is a smart Chickadee to choose this type of food, even if it is a struggle to carry it away for the morning breakfast.


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