Winter Waterfowl On The Great Lakes

By: jkissnhug

Jan 21 2013

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Focal Length:8.108mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G12

A Bald Eagle Hunting Waterfowl On the Lake Surface


Woods and water view of Lake Erie

Winter Waterfowl On The Great Lakes

Thousands of wintering ducks call this stretch of Lake Erie their home during the winter months. On this January day, Ruddy Ducks and American Coots bobbed in the water enduring a brisk SW wind. As we watched the ducks floating and bobbing on the surface of the water, when suddenly a Bald Eagle flew into view and started harassing the ducks to try to get them to take flight. The ducks resisted the urge to take flight knowing they would be easy targets for an agile eagle to snatch them in the air. The eagle changed tactics and started skimming the lake surface with talons extended in an attempt to snatch the ducks from the water. When the eagle got close to the ducks, the ducks increased their speed remaining in the water, but paddling harder and harder to stay out of the grasp of the eagle’s talons. After many attempts by the ducks to stay out of the grasp of the eagle, the eagle was able to snatch two ducks from the lake surface and carry them airborne. Once the eagle was airborne with duck in tow, this proved to be too heavy of a load for the eagle to remain in flight as it was buffeted by strong headwinds. The eagle was forced to drop the two ducks back into the lake before flying off to a tree at the shore to rest and recuperate from a very strenuous attempt at hunting waterfowl.


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