By: jkissnhug

Apr 28 2012

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I just finished up a Spring wild Flowers ID sheets and a very large Michigan Ferns ID kit for the upcoming Hiking North/Central Michigan HIKE on 5/5/12.(what a blatant plug)

I actually love working on these various ID sheets. I personally learn a real lot while researching them, collecting pictures and data, and even while doing the final edits and layouts. IT IS alot of hard work too. But worth it in so many different ways.

When I first started doing this, many years ago, I just figured these things would be a nice thing for a specific HIKE scheduled or to assist people in identifying something while out on the Trails. Well…….it went way farther then that.

I have found that these various ID sheets not only help people on a specific Hike, but in many cases it sparks further interest in an outdoor activity. Then that interest usually…

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